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Nova's Materials Metrology Solution Selected for 5nm Technology Node

A major foundry recently placed an order for its VeraFlex advanced X-Ray metrology solution for 5nm technology node. Nova's solution utilizes X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) to simultaneously measure composition and thickness of complex film stacks through the fabrication process.


The MDM consortium cordially invites you to join its annual conference.


Hear first-hand the highlights of the consortium activities and join us in discussing concepts and approaches for metrology to deal with emerging challenges of the semiconductor industry.

The MDM Consortium deals with development of measurement and process control technologies in the semiconductor industry, based on data fusion from many sources.

A chip miniaturization process culminating in 5 nanometer geometries and the transition to building 3D structures creates new challenges requiring innovative process control methods. Multi-Dimensional Metrology’s goal is to enable integration of different types of information sources from various measuring devices in order to meet that challenge. 

MDM Annual Conference

20 December 2018
Applied Material, Rehovot - Israel

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