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Applied Materials Israel

As a subsidiary of Applied Materials, Applied Materials Israel (AMIL) is the headquarters of Process, Diagnostics & Control (PDC). AMIL develops and manufactures cutting - edge metrology and inspection products, which are essential elements in the wafer fabrication process of semiconductors. AMIL develops and produces Inspection and Defect Review systems based upon optical and SEM technologies.


Bruker JV Israel

As of November 2015, Jordan Valley Semiconductors (now Bruker JV Israel Ltd.) was acquired and incorporated into the Bruker corporations.

Bruker JV Israel Ltd. provides metrology solutions for thin films based on novel, rapid, non-contacting and non-destructive X-ray technology for the Semiconductors industry.

Over seventy-five percent (75%) of the world's top 25 semiconductor manufacturers rely on Bruker JV metrology tools for front-end and back-end applications, including development of the next-generations thin films. Bruker JV’s commitment to innovation and technology leadership drives the continuing release of new advances in metrology, and has garnered numerous awards and industry recognition. However, technology alone has not driven the company's success. The Bruker JV name is synonymous with unparalleled customer service and support.


Dell EMC

Dell EMC Israel has high-end capabilities in the domains of vast data streaming & proprietary predictive algorithms & methods. Dell EMC believes that development and application of its capabilities in this domain will support an additional company percentage growth that is in comparable to the expected growth of Nova and AMIL.

Dell EMC Israel facilitates different types of Data Analytics professionals as DATA handling is in its DNA. Major aspect that is related to the aforementioned proposal is the past experience in predicting potential failure of IT components.

Dell EMC’s knowledge is at applying big data analytics to large datasets where to extract business insights. In 2014, Gartner predicted its use might increase revenue or reduce costs. By 2017, it predicted that 15% of enterprises will use IT operations analytics technologies.


El-Mul Technologies

Since its establishment in 1992, El-Mul has been at the forefront of charged particle detection technology. Over time its know-how and independent IP in the field of electron and ion detection has expanded and opened new opportunities in the e-beam and ion-beam instrumentation industry.

Detection systems are key components in metrology systems. They are responsible for bringing out the signal from the system, being either a limiting factor or an enabling factor to the whole system. Improvement of features such as quantum efficiency, yield, SNR, and speed can enable the metrology system’s improvement in throughput and sensitivity. The ability to separate different signals can lead to more detailed information generated by the metrology system.

El-Mul brings an established skill-set that includes simulations capabilities, scintillator development and manufacturing, sensor characterization, optical design and mechanical and electronics engineering. All of these are necessary components for creating advanced detection concepts and implementing them into working products.

Scintillators are at the heart of many of El-Mul’s products. El-Mul has continuously developed faster, more efficient and more durable scintillators which serve as a basis for many of its detectors.

Novel scintillators require matching improvements in conjugated photon sensors. El-Mul works closely with vendor to reach specific performance targets.  El-Mul manufactures several solid state electron detectors for the e-beam industry. El-Mul has the capability to develop, characterize and adapt new solid state sensor technology for electron and ion detection applications.



Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. In 1974 Intel established the Intel Design Center in Haifa, its first design center outside the USA.  Since then Intel has grown to be the largest private employer in Israel, with design centers in Haifa, Petach-Tikva, Jerusalem and Yakum and a leading-edge factory in Kiryat Gat.



Nanomotion has extensive experience (gathered over more than 20 years of R&D) in the design and production of high precision metrology motion solutions. The company has a strong multi-disciplinary background and contributes in discussions and developments in many fields, bringing a high level, yet pragmatic technical and scientific knowledge.

The scope spans the complete architecture of a motion solution: high precision motion axes, motors, control and drive electronics as well as customer requested modules. The technological aspects include: multi axis motion stages having a sub-nanometer positioning accuracy, high motion stiffness, fast move and settle, vibration suppression, adaptive control and more. As an active supplier of complete motion systems to the semiconductor and metrology industries, Nanomotion Ltd. is engaged in a continuous technological development of its high-end products. The aim is to correctly predict the incoming technological requirements and develop suitable solutions to meet customer expectations.

In MDM Nanomotion contributes critical knowledge in compact motion mechanisms with high throughput, nano-metric precision and long lifetime. The main goal is to develop and integrate miniature motion stages dedicated to future metrological sensors – AFM and RAMAN.


Nanonics Imaging

Nanonics, the first nanotechnology company in Israel, has effectively integrated breakthroughs in academic research into a sequence of breakthrough commercials products.  These products fill crucial areas in material and device characterization.  Nanonics provides the NanoToolKitTM needed for nanoimaging, nanosensing, nanowriting and nanosoldering upon which the advances of the nanotechnology revolution depend.  Its product portfolio is reminiscent of the success of companies in the micro tool kit arena. 

An additional concept in Nanonic’s product portfolio is a flexible NanoToolKtTM that could work not only as products on their own but also had the great potential of transforming standard tested tools of today into powerful integrated products of the present and the future.  The success of this concept is seen by the transformation of:

• The optical microscope into a tool that could not only provide nanometric imaging in the realm of electron microscopes but also could provide these optical images for the first time totally correlated with 3D structures.

• The standard chemical identification tool of Raman microimaging into a nano chemical imaging tool, again correlated with 3D structures

• The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Dual Beam SEM and Focused Ion Beam instruments into tools that could achieve new horizons and realms of application unachievable without Nanonics


Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd

Nova Measuring Instrument Ltd. is a leading innovator and a key provider of metrology solutions for advanced process control used in semiconductor manufacturing.

Experience in Metrology

Nova holds 75% of the market of integrated metrology (IM) tools. Nova is especially dominant in foundries, and is leading the way among most memory manufacturers. In the market of stand-alone (SA) metrology tools, Nova entered the market later than other players, but following Nova’s technological advantages in IM tools leads us to believe Nova will rise in its market share of SA tools up to 85%, despite having more players in that field.

Currently, Nova offers optical and X-ray metrology tools, for measuring critical dimensions (CD) and material properties. The tools are backed by advanced SW solutions for physical modeling of the target 3D nanostructures and modeling the tool performance. The predicted spectral output is fitted against the actual measurement for extracting the parameters of interest. Nova develops and uses advanced SW solutions for tool fleet management, big-data management, hybridization between reference tools and multiple information channels, for tight process control and monitoring.


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