About MDM

Utilizing multi-dimensional metrology to control semiconductor wafer production.


Around the world - MDM is an Israeli Innovation Authority consortium which is cooperating with international research bodies and consortia, including several European projects. MDM welcomes additional cooperation with similar bodies around the world.

MDM - an Israeli MAGNET consortium

The MDM consortium's goal is to bridge the gap between current metrology technologies and those which will be needed in the future.  As the nodes shrink beyond 5nm, current technologies will no longer be able to differentiate between what looks like a defect (false positive) and an actual defect of interest, which will change the way a chip will function.



We are researching novel methods for measuring a) the materials comprising the semiconductor layers b) new concepts such as CREM, ULF Raman, etc. which can provide information not generally used today c) consolidation of data from a variety of existing metrology methods into a single view of the data, thereby bringing the whole to be greater than the sum of the parts and d) improving by orders of magnitude the existing metrology capabilities by dealing with accuracy issues.

The industry is already seeing limits of standard optical systems to resolve very small defects.  Within just a coupe of years, the existing technologies will not be relevant unless we update the capabilities with fundamental jumps in the approach we take.


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