Work Packages


WP1 // Material Metrology 

Researching and developing new metrology methods and solutions for characterization and analysis of material properties, including composition, stress, crystallinity, doping, crystal phase, work function, etc.

This WP includes novel approaches to metrology of CD, material properties and electrical properties, all by non-contact means, suitable for the front-end of the fab, where these properties are most challenging to measure, and where process control is most crucial, for achieving the desired device performance.

WP2 // Beyond Imaging Limits

Researching next generation imaging concepts to find defects on wafers, including extending the capability of optical inspection methods, and introducing novel imaging techniques.​

WP3 // Machine Learning & Data Processing

Utilizing advanced computing technologies to improve classification of defects, Also, taking advantage of Big Data to correlate between different types of measuring methods to improve the defect detection.

WP4 // Precision & Accuracy

Improving precision and accuracy of the measuring methods in order to better emit and read the signals.

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